Purple Prose Killers

a Digital Manga Guild localizing team

A Lovely Day With Yuri Sensei, Keiko Kinoshita

English Title: A Lovely Day With Yuri Sensei
Japanese Title: 和由利老师堕入爱河的日子 (Yuri Sensei to Itoshiki Hibi)

By Keiko Kinoshita

Volumes: 1 (with prequel)
Pages: 190
Rated YA (16+)

Summary: In this sequel to Yuri Sensei is in a Good Mood Today as Well, pure-hearted editor Muguruma continues his uneasy working relationship with mystery author Yuri, while also taking on a new writer, Sakura. While Sakura’s carefree, affectionate manner and unfailing punctuality make him highly desirable as a client, will he succeed in winning Muguruma’s heart as well? Now, faced with an arranged marriage and an attractive rival, it’s up to Yuri-sensei to make his true feelings clear.

Translator: Aaron
Editor: Melinda
Letterer: Morgan

Buy now at: eManga, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble


“… I just couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. In addition, the adapters use a lively variety of language that spices up the story and makes it more fun to read … this volume has it all—fun plot, memorable characters, and a beautiful (?) love story. It’s even better than the original. Kudos again for Purple Prose Killer—they live up to their name by using real, living, fun language to tell a delightful story.”
Barbara, Amazon customer reviews

“I won’t lie, I read this a few times … ridiculously addictive, and a good follow-up to Yuri-Sensei Is In a Good Mood Today as Well. I wish there were printed volumes of both … These two volumes were up with my absolute favorite DMP releases. If you’re looking for something good to read on eManga, and enjoy slow character-centric stories that take their time with the romance, these are the books for you.”
Connie, Slightly Biased Manga

“After reading “Yuri-sensei is in a Good Mood Today as Well,” I dove right into this sequel. I wasn’t disappointed. Everything I raved about the first book still stands. Did I mention how much I adore Keiko Kinoshita’s art?? The localizers did another fantastic job … Both this title and the first volume are worth the money. Buy them and enjoy!”
The PinkBook Pirate, Amazon customer reviews

A Lovely Day With Yuri Sensei – Yuri Sensei To Itoshiki Hibi © Keiko Kinoshita. Original Japanese edition published in 2009 by Taiyoh Tosho Publishing, Co., Ltd.


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