Purple Prose Killers

a Digital Manga Guild localizing team

Career Gate, Syuko Nishimura

English Title: Career Gate
Japanese Title: キャリア・ゲート

By Syuko Nishimura

Volumes: 1
Pages: 180
Rated Mature (18+)

Summary: Only the most successful project planners may earn their way through the “Career Gate,” and Ozaki works diligently in hopes of achieving this goal. Even more urgently, he struggles to hide his feelings for mild-mannered coworker Shinoda. But what secrets might Shinoda be hiding from him?

Translator: Leighann
Editor: Melinda
Letterer: Morgan

Buy now at: eManga, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble


“The art is appealing–[Syuko Nishimura] draws men I like to look at, with meat on their bones and handsome, sometimes craggy, faces. And the characters are likable as well. Career Gate is a from DMG, Digital Manga’s new enterprise … This book is a worthy representative of the enterprise, with a nice, clean look and very solid translation. Check it out!”
Barbara Vincent, Amazon customer reviews

“I would recommend this manga for any yaoi fan girls who are looking for that occasional brain candy – a stress relieving read that has plenty of racy smut among exquisitely drawn men. The localization work by the DMG’s Purple Prose Killers group is excellent as well.”
Teh_N_Mochi, Amazon customer reviews

“This was SO good. Need to hunt down more Syuko Nishimura for sure!”
Myka, Goodreads

Career Gate – Kyaria Geto © Syuko Nishimura. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2010 by Taiyoh Tosho Publishing Co., Ltd.


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