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What? Sensei, Nayuna Sakurano

English Title: What? Sensei
Japanese Title: 教えて!先生 (Oshiete! Sensei)

By Nayuna Sakurano

Volumes: 1
Pages: 181
Rated M (18+)

Summary: High school senior Nakagawa is at the top of his class… except when it comes to English. Fortunately, his cram school teacher, Nanjou-sensei, has offered private tutoring to help improve his test scores. But is English the only subject on Nakagawa’s mind? This sexy collection of stories follows five sets of young couples as each discover just how much they have to learn from one another.

Translator: Leighann
Editor: Melinda
Letterer: Morgan

Buy now at: eManga, Barnes & Noble


What? Sensei – Oshiete! Sensei © Nayuna Sakurano 2001. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2001 by Oakla Publishing, Co., Ltd.


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