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Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well, Keiko Kinoshita

English Title: Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well
Japanese Title: 由利先生は今日も上機嫌 (Yuria Sensei wa Kyou mo Joukigen)

By Keiko Kinoshita

Volumes: 1 (with sequel)
Pages: 190
Rated Mature (18+)

Summary: Young editor Muguruma has his hands full with high-maintenance mystery writer Yuri, whose outrageous demands and reluctance to meet deadlines have become infamous at Sogendo Publishing. But even patient Muguruma is not prepared for the confusion he feels when bad-tempered Yuri tries to woo him. Do his feelings for Yuri run deeper than simple respect and admiration? Set in post-occupation Japan, this meandering love story is as moody and charming as Yuri-sensei himself.

Translator: Aaron
Editor: Melinda
Letterer: Morgan

Buy now at: eManga, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble


“Kinoshita specializes in real-life, understated characters, people with shortcomings like those you meet in everyday life. To me, that’s quite a huge draw. She also has a sensibility that appeals strongly to me…of the possibility of real love in a flawed world. The feelings in her stories creep up on me and slowly fill me with quiet happiness … The translation, editing, and typesetting are handled with expertise and style by the group Purple Prose Killer … Their work was impressive and thoroughly enjoyable.”
Barbara, Amazon customer reviews

“I like Keiko Kinoshita more and more with every book I read by her, and I think the Yuri-sensei books are my favorite yet … It’s got the same stuff as a usual BL one-shot, but because it’s Kinoshita, it’s just better … It simply does everything right, and is exactly what I love to read when I pick up a BL book. It’s a shame there’s no print edition available, I would re-buy it in a second.”
Connie, Slightly Biased Manga

“A unique and bitter-sweet tale … This is by far one of Digital Manga Guild’s best e-book offerings – with an excellent translation/editorial/lettering from the team Purple Prose Killer and is highly recommended for readers who look for touching, believable character interaction and exquisitely drawn artwork in their yaoi (it’s 18+.) I would so love to own this – and its sequel – in a printed version as well (Big Hint to DMG!)”
Sakami-chan, Amazon UK customer reviews

“I am an avid fan of Keiko Kinoshita. Her light, airy style always makes me think of watercolors for some reason. Her stories almost always have depth as well, not just characters doing the horizontal mambo in between mindless fillers. That’s why I am so thrilled DMG is releasing so many of her titles. Set after the War, this is a period piece that seems to wonderfully capture the essence of both the time and people. In regards to the localization, I think the group responsible for this work did an outstanding job … I will be sure to look for more of their titles.”
The PinkBook Pirate, Amazon customer reviews

Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well – Yuri Sensei To Itoshiki Hibi © Keiko Kinoshita. Original Japanese edition published in 2009 by Taiyoh Tosho Publishing, Co., Ltd.


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